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We've lowered our prices to WHOLESALE PRICES!!! but Buy what’s left of my yarn inventory and let's talk!! 

Send us an email with the yarn name, color and quantity you’d like. We’ll then send you an email through PayPal with your total. Don't forget your ZIP so I can calculate shipping.

These yarns were created by us when we still owned equipment. We sold the equipment when we found out we were going to have a baby. The yarns were mostly made from the fiber and wool from our own animals or from other breeders.


These are available in skeins only. Please check below in our Cone section as we can skein off those as well.

(Chart coming soon)


These are available in Cone or Skein form. Cone yarn will be cheaper and will still have the spinning oils in them. I've shown a picture of some cones with a small washed skein for comparison.

(Chart coming soon)