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This is a continuation of the Plymouth Yarn Selection offered...


We've lowered our prices to WHOLESALE PRICES!!! but Buy what’s left of my Plymouth yarn inventory and let's talk!! 

Send us an email with the yarn name, color and quantity you’d like. We’ll then send you an email through PayPal with your total. Don't forget your ZIP so I can calculate shipping.

IMPERIAL - On the Right


SOFTER - Ultra Right, almost off picture
COLOR Number Quantity Wholesale Price 
 White 3301 4 $2.50
 Red 3318 8 $2.50
 Black 3320 10 $2.50

FIDDLE DEE DEE - On the Right

Very soft and cute baby yarn!

COLOR Number Quantity Wholesale Price 
 Fiddle Dee Dee White 2330 2 $2.50
 Baby Blue/Yellow/Green/White 2331 7 $2.50
 Baby Yellow Solid 2336 3 $2.50
 Baby Pink/Blue/yellow/green/white 2333 7 $2.50
 Baby Mint Green 2332 3 $2.50